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Dream Team x


Young British Designers started with a small group with a real thirst to pursue a brave new vision for design and has kept on growing.


It’s pure British design with it’s inbuilt ability to understand the rules..and then break them with a smile.


They don’t care about age – you could be 70 and a new designer with flair, the youth is in the brand.  They acknowledge there’s limited experience, but YBD want to give young designers a chance on a retail stage.


And it gives us the chance to see the emerging talents – even spot them – before their ascension to the land of Fashion Gods and silly money.



Which means there are loads of things to look at – men’s included – it’s not about one voice, one style but a rich smorgasbord of everything brought together, everyone made stronger by the other’s presence.

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 And they’re have an awesome sale at the moment – including these 2 coats..just in time for the coming colder season…

Laters, Kate x