There’s Something about Denim..


If there was one item that caught my eye in Fashion Week last September it was this picture from Valentino available now.  It seemed to encapsulate everything slightly different, slightly loose and rather wonderful.  The dropped waist is heaven and it’s the first time I’ve considered the maxi length in a long, long time.  I really thought they could be my designer purchase of the summer..



So imagine my shock when I discovered they were in fact flared trousers.  I love they are probably the only item of clothing I have ever seen that discourages thigh gap…it just looks so ugly on this style (the above pic just confirms).  But…would they be the ultimate sartorial choice? or would they lie forgotten in the wardrobe, too reminiscent of bad 70’s and something a clown might wear? I’m struggling..


I’m off to the South Bank now to see Alexa Chung’s talk at the Vogue Festival and feel the buzz..anyone else going??


Laters, Kate x


  1. NaomiSFB

    Very intriguing to look at, but definitely something that if I purchased it, it would remain in the ‘experimental’ clothing pile never to see light of day!

    • Maison Bentley Style

      It’s funny – the the culottes in the past posts that thing that appealed was the fact they all looked like trousers..and I thought that was the ultimate answer to culottes..but these, it seems if they look like trousers, they’ll be wrong! But if they really look like a skirt..they’d be uber cool!! Arggghhhhhh!… xxx

    • Maison Bentley Style

      I have this gut feeling that, if the sizing was right, they’d look very classic on..I think that’s where their lust factor sits with that cunning little twist..possibly one to hunt down in the sales..and TRY ON (note to self!) xxx

      • Fashion Mayann

        I’ve just read it on the « British Vogue » site, in the « Vogue Festival 2014 Saturday » section ( 11:40am GMT Favourite #VogueFestival Quote So Far – From Alexa Chung), and watched small bits of her talk on the same site : She’s such a great style icon ! Definitely Lucky you ! xxxxx

  2. C. Rae White

    These remind me of the elephant leg pants we wore back on the early to mid 1970’s. The fit was a bit different, but very similar in structure. I felt special every time I wore them, those pants added fun and whimsy to my life. Thanks for sharing!

    • Maison Bentley Style

      It’s that dropped waist effect that I love..if they were a denim skirt I’d be there like a shot because it would be so trousers? it pushes at the comfort zone..but you know that sometimes it means they’re even better! xxx

  3. crawcraftsbeasties

    These remind me of a pair of super-flared jeans I had when I was a student! I loved them but they used to gather up all kinds of delightful muck from the streets as I walked around… So much so that my mum started referring to them as “Roadsweepers”. I’d say grab yourself a pair, but insist on being chauffeured to your destination any time you wear them out!

  4. lifeaswewearit

    love them on the catwalk, but i think that everyday they may feel a bit more cumbersome and a bit like the pants are wearing you than the other way around. but i wouldn’t say “no” if they just appeared in my closet.

  5. motherhendiaries

    I’m with lifeaswewearit above… I think the fabric content of these would really get on my nerves after about 5 minutes. And that expensive hem? Forget it. One or 2 wearings and it will be frayed and brownish like the old “elephant bells” of ’70s fame. I never was a fan of them the first time round. Perhaps these are best enjoyed on the catwalk… save your pennies for something you will REALLY love to wear… 🙂

    • Maison Bentley Style

      But I have visions of red toe nails just peeping out from a pair of wedges and a fringe cross body bag!!!!! Before I cross off the list forever, I feel I have to try them on..and maybe earmark for the sales rather than a purchase right now…there’s just something about them I can’t forget… xxx

      • motherhendiaries

        Yeah… every now and then there is just that ONE piece that haunts the memory! 🙂 Keep us updated…I’d like to know how they hold up in real life!

  6. fingknitcoolgal

    The pair looks good! I think they have to be extreme or nothing if they want to differentiate from being a mimic of the nostalgia. The pants remind me a dancer’s pants from South Amwrica. Love it! (Even though I can never get away with them because of my height) 💧xxx

  7. fashionassist

    Oh I looove these denim beauties and très adore that they’re pantalon…
    they’re so groovy but 21st century groovy—if you know what I mean!! xo