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So here’s the thing: This weekend I finally started to paint the kitchen..


I pulled out the big drums and polyrhythms and went with what my heart said..dark. On the sample it looked grey –  in my tin – grey.  On the wall – brown.  In pictures – black.  My mother (who saw it) is still convinced it was green. To be honest..once it was on, it just looked promisingly awful. Not at all what I had imagined.


If you’re an uber cool couple with no children..then it certainly makes a statement. Sadly our space is less flickering candlelight more spilt tea and homework. I even unwrapped the mirror to see if stuff on the walls made a difference – and like the skidmarks of a bad crash, that’s when I discovered the next tragedy – the mirror had woodworm…great with a brand new oak parquet floor..


I know I’m not the only one to be suffering colour sample polymorphing..the truth is – the only way to know if you really like a colour is to paint a whole wall..or if you’re mad like me, a whole room. Sigh. And then be prepared to stand back and admit you’ve made a mistake: I like to believe I have adventurous taste but to have kept this just to prove a point would’ve made it the worst fake since…well, Madonna.   So whilst I lament that it’s the wrong story…and it breaks my heart – the salient fact is it’s only paint and we all make mistakes: Nobody has died.  It’s just my very own, very sad bad….that will be paid for in blood and sweat..


There was no time to faff with new samples – it needed to be finished by this morning (Monday) as the kitchen was due to arrive back for fitting.  The only option was to go big and go white..


Have you ever painted over black before?


I gave up at one o’clock this morning..

The whole design now needs a new re-think…and I’m suspecting that only way to make this work is to embrace everything Scandi.

Never thought I’d write that..

Laters, Kate x