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Bags of love x


It was on Wednesday when the realisation struck that I was already down to one pair of school socks between the two of them.  I high-tailed it to Oxford street, partly because I wanted speed…partly because I had an ulterior motive: A few weeks ago, after years of drought, I’d spotted that the stalls selling the touristy type of tat usually avoided had started selling designer rip-offs again.  I’m not a great fan of faking it make it..except if you want to do something a bit radical.

I’ve been wanting to cover a recognisable designer bag in junk for sometime (sort of inspired by Anya Hindmarch, but also by an earlier random street style photo of someone carrying a battered Louis Vuitton bag covered in sewn on patches).  This is just the start – the idea is to cover as much of the bag as possible.


Except maybe the back.

Laters, Kate x

Bags of room..


Another summer 2015 obsession..finding a large, bright yellow shopping tote in soft, malleable leather..the type of bag you fill with all the detritus the sweet summer heralds..sun tan lotion, cotton scarves, umbrellas, sunnies, flip-flops..a picnic to feed the 5,000…a vat of gin..

This one by is top of the picks so far..by Modalu, hand cut and stitched in Somerset by highly skilled artisans it justifies it’s over three hundred pound price tag..but….it’s hard leather..and I can’t justify the expense as I want to change it..but that deep blue interior..mwhahaa!





The inspiration is Anya Hindmarch’s new 2015 sticker bag which is pure giggle and wink.


 In homage, I’ve been collecting various patches (do you call them patches??) to make my own.


I just need the bag in a sensible price bracket – why’s it so hard to find a very simple leather bag like this..but in yellow?..you wait..next year the shops will be full of the buggers..until then, the hunt continues..


Laters, Kate x

Stamp of Style x


Using badges and logos..not invented by Marc by Marc Jacobs but cunning all the same…


A rather delicious collection of fonts and styles married to the perfect boyfriend jeans..just add a smile and a killer pair of heels..


Penelope Chilvers has also got in on the act, although is hers a more traditional, preppy version..and the meanings are meaningful..I’d love to be able to buy the patches individually..




Also to be found on her boots and shoes..


Anya Hindmarch has pushed the creative boat out even further in her own offering of luxury-retro-street.  Inspired by stickers from her school days, the graphics are embossed onto the leather in a three step process.  Utterly edible.


But the real joy is that this trend has it’s roots deep down in freedom of expression and do-it-yourselfs.. you could just follow your heart and DIY your own fashion statement like Fun in the Making..


Or cover a Louis Vuitton bag like the courageous Sue.  Because the truth about badges and patches, despite what the designer brands would have us believe, is they’re really about individuality and being unique in a stylish and remarkably accessible way..now, where’s my needle and thread?

Laters, Kate x