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Decision x


The Pod will be a 5m x 3m structure at the bottom of a South London garden.  But that doesn’t stop the dreaming. And whilst the pull to modern is strong, stronger is the call of the old, timeless, batty and slightly battered, which is possibly best encapsulated  in these pictures, a cedar cabin in Wyong Creek, Australia, from The design files.net, the home of Natalie Watson, because pictures always speak.


(All pics The Designfiles.net and Pinterest)

Strength and gentleness.  Gentleness and strength. Age and ageing. Peace and quiet.

Simple and honest.


Laters, Kate x

I C U….

Australian artist, Jennifer Allnutt, has been painting rocks and stones with eyes to then return them to the landscape from whence they came  with the wish  that they can be found or lost forever.

(All pics Pinterest)


Kindness, magic, setting something free, message in a bottle, transformation, reaching out to strangers, giving something we take for granted another story: There’s something here that catches a special zeitgeist and pulls on the heart.


Laters, Kate x

Tracks x


Have you seen the trailer, or even seen the  film Tracks? It’s a film adaptation of Australian’s Robyn Davidson’s memoirs about her journey across thousands of kilometres of dessert from Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean in 1977.


What caught my eye was not just her story: She’s always maintained she didn’t know why she decided to walk across Australia with camels but I think we can all relate to that idea of growing wings and flying away.


But I also loved her style – no longer in the world of princesses, it harks back to the innocent days when labels were an irrelevance and you wore something because it was comfortable and you loved it.  Her style is as natural as breathing air.


(Original photo of Robyn)

There’s a powerful sense of self to roam in your own world where you are Queen.

Rich, raw and rather wonderful I shall watch and learn.

Laters, Kate x