J Louis

People, portraits, captivating colour, large scale works – there’s much to desire in the works of artist, J Louis. His attention is on textures, the quality of the layers that draw the viewer in, but interestingly his technique is just as much about scraping paint off as it is about painting it on. From a starting point of a photoshoot with models, he works through a process of manipulating the image, preparing the canvas with linens and adhesive, then adding and removing the colour. The final effect is a visual treat and a smorgasbord of contrasts – bold blocks versus captivating details, intriguing details versus strong proportions, contrasting colours versus dreamy layers.

(All pics J.Louis and Pinterest)

It’s like standing on a hill, a landscape spread out down below, with 5 different weather systems happening at the same time. And being filled with pleasure.

Laters, Kate x