Merry Mad-mas..



(Knit your own golden retriever)

I was reminded of this post today (along with the feeling that the madness seems to strike earlier each yea)… sums up such a interesting feeling that I believe it deserves another viewing, along with the proviso that whilst the spirit is there, the links probably aren’t…


When looking for presents, I start every Christmas with a simple shopping list of good intentions..


..But somewhere along the line something happens.


I can’t decide whether it’s because I’ve been beaten down and seduced into embracing the madness of the season..or it’s a bizarre reaction to the obscene commercialism that’s always lurking round the corner..

But it always reaches a point when suddenly giving a gift of earwax seems the most natural thing in the world..


(Plush Roadkill)

And why shouldn’t a stuffed toy include the inner bits as well?


Mouse taxidermy? It could be the new baking…



As The final finishing touch, Firebox – the source of all this wonder (and recommended to me by the wonderfully talented Beth, through her Blog The linen Cat Blog ) add their own distinct wrapping service.  Pure genius.


Now if I could have an unlimited supply of ‘crap wrap’ stickers, I think I would be happy for life…grunge wrapping is the new black…


Laters, Kate x


  1. dievca

    OMG — I want the “roadkill” plushy (I actually have someone I could give it to, who would laugh very hard — her husband stopped to pick-up roadkill on their first date (he put it in the trunk/boot). He was one of those biology Geeks and grew up out in the countryside.
    The Baby Sweeper is good, too.

  2. thelinencat & rockcottageyear

    Thanks for the mention 🙂 Glad you found the site as entertaining as I did, I so nearly bought the mouse taxidermy kit for my sister, as she has plenty of mice in her Yorkshire cottage! I’ll be emailing you to get a meet-up date put in the diary for New Year, but if I get sucked into the crazy haze of Christmas first, I hope you and yours have a fab one. Bethx