Charlie Retrospective x


This photo was taken almost exactly a year ago in Scotland, when Charlie warmed the cockles of my ageing heart by choosing a girls fluffy cardigan to buy and wear (post here).  I wondered when society and conventions would catch up with him and overshadow his individuality with the urge to fit in. So has a year made a difference?


He’s certainly grown taller…and likes to flaunt rules..


And he still wants to wear his red chinese silk pajamas to do the shopping!

IMG_6768 IMG_6767IMG_6765

Go Charlie!

Laters, Kate x


  1. fabrickated

    He is beautiful. I always regret that we force them to be “male” or “female” so early. I detest the clothes created for “boys” and for “girls” equally and wish that designers would do more genuinely unisex designs and colourways. Go Charlie.

  2. Wonderlusting Lynda

    Love his attitude! What I don’t understand is how society regresses…. I was watching Top of the Pops on BBC4 from the 70s and saw a performance by Rod Stewart wearing makeup, frilly feminine top. As were most of the male performers. Didn’t look like they were “in drag” just wearing flamboyant clothing so I wonder what happened and how conformity became the norm?

  3. abbiosbiston

    I love this. Charlie often makes me think of a mini-Mr O. You should see some of the get-ups from his childhood photos.