Little Shack x


I think you’re either a big house gal, or not.  Whilst I admire the space of large places, by heart lies in the quirky comfort a small place can offer..a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the world..

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A shack by the idea of heaven.

Laters, Kate x



  1. atkokosplace

    A shack by the sea sounds wonderful. I’d need a little soil so I could have a garden, then I’m set! 😉 have a lovely weekend to come! Koko

  2. Island Traveler

    A shack by the sea…my idea of heaven and perfect getaway too. Reminds me of the saying, “Life is better at the beach,” and it is. Beautiful images. Have a great Summer.

  3. fabrickated

    I love restricted spaces too. It really requires creativity to make it work. I also like things with more than one purpose. Nice pictures, especially the sewing room.

  4. dievca

    After living in NYC and purchasing a redone (beautifully) small house/cottage on a lake in the Midwest. Small is good. XO