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I think I have a genetic disorder that reacts to Valentino..every time I see the work of  Pierpaolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri my heart starts pounding and I start reaching for my credit card..and mortgage statements..

VAL_1922 VAL_1960

Their Valentino couture show was exquisite, drawing on references from across the board: Byzantine, monastical, peasant, ecclesiastical and more, then tying them all up together with a beautiful cohesive ribbon.

VAL_1984 VAL_2004

This shirt for the summer with a pair of faded shorts..

VAL_2038 VAL_2080 VAL_2142 VAL_2160

The achingly wonderful workmanship: It’s not avante garde, pushing the boundaries of wearability.  It’s time and craftsmanship with a quiet, deep down confidence.



(All pictures

This Collection adds one more cog to their star-making machinery..

Laters, Kate x


  1. mrsjamesbarry

    Gorgeous. I’m going to a lovely summer, country wedding in July and I am thinking of something a bit like this. I love the red and white but not sure if that is a bit too bride like. Dolce and Gabbana have a fabulous floral dress, and one for wee girls that matches….all of which I could afford to buy in my dreams!

  2. dievca

    A couple of years ago in the NY Post (yes, I know….subway reading) had a clip of needle point pieces (shoes, bags). I’ve had them in the back of my mind since that time and I’ve been on the look out for something….Now, Valentino brings the embroidery crashing back and my hunt has been replenished. I think I have to stick with vintage – it’s all my pocketbook can take. XO

  3. fashionassist

    Stunning!!! Wearable works of art! Each is truly a couture masterpiece!
    And if these gowns were ever to appear in the shops at King’s Landing…
    oh, there’d most definitely be a little saber rattling happening…
    my guess—between Cersei Lannister and Margaery Tyrell 😉 ~xo