Christmas Spirit..



The lead up to Christmas is gathering momentum like a shaken, very expensive bottle of vintage champagne ready to explode everywhere, with no-one actually getting to taste a drop.  So starts the month of spending, drinking and ironic hair extensions: There’s so much emphasis on the extravagance of Christmas  – the more you spend does equal the more you love don’t you know? – that the real joy of Christmas is suffocated like a candle without oxygen.  There have been years when I’ve literally sobbed into my mulled wine on Christmas Eve as I’m still working my way through the pile of effing presents that still need to be wrapped…and missing out on all the bits I truly love – the making, the baking and the creating…I’m not religious, but I find my peace in austerity and gentleness away from the whining notion of entitlement and endlessly wanting it all..

So this year I’ve kept it simple..Bella’s stocking is everything to do with sewing with vintage bits I’ve collected from Ebay.  Charlie’s is an Art box equivalent with paints, plasticine and the odd robot.  The kids broke up from school yesterday, and I’ve managed to get everything done and out the way – the proverbial decks have been cleared ( not quite in the post yet..) but it’s been a long, hard term: The kids are on their knees, so am I..but now we can shut the shutters, close the door and concentrate on lazy days with moments of madness and doing all the things that make Christmas special for us…These lights made from photocopies and ordinary glass tumblers are up there at the top of the list…

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I can’t wait!

Laters, Kate x


  1. delightfullypeculiar

    That’s so cool! We never had this thing in my family where we bought a lot and expensive presents, I always asked for books anyway 🙂 but it felt more Christmassy than the madness of buying and buying. And yes I agree sometimes it does feel like the more you spend the more you! I’d be happy with a bag of crisps and a book as usual 🙂 Have a good one xx

  2. Abbi

    For me the best bit of Christmas is always the board games. Silly… but I’d happily skip most of the rest of it if I still got to play games with my family.

  3. alexcellent2012

    Kate, they are sensational! And well done on getting it all done! Love those lazy days with only occasional moments of madness…. I still have quite a bit of madness ahead!x

  4. vintageattitude

    Wonderful lights….wonderful words!!….I have been dragging my worn out body and soul through this month with the joyful thought of lazing around with no fixed timetable… careful what you wish for….I got the flu!…. Merry Merry Christmas to you and your adorable family xxxxxx

  5. Amanda

    They are just beautiful! Happy Christmas💝thank you for all your inspiring and elegant posts this year! I love following you! Xx