Eulogy x



It’s been a sad time for the children’s school this week as they suddenly lost a much loved, much devoted member of staff.  For many of the children (mine included) it was their first real experience of the finality of death and there was a real sense of loss and grief.  So we were incredibly touched when we saw this beautiful tribute attached anonymously to one of the trees on the Common that we pass on our way to school every day.  It was there all week, through all the rain and storms till it was hanging by it’s cellotaped thread.  I couldn’t bear to see it destroyed any more so yesterday I left a note in it’s place  to say how much it had meant to all of us who’d seen it  and that I was taking  it into school to go in a special place in the book of condolence.


Walking back afterwards I saw a lady looking at my note and removing it – I just had a gut feeling.  I asked her if it was her daughter who’d drawn the picture..and it was..she wanted to give the note to her daughter to show her how much joy her picture had given.


I had hated taking it down but meeting her felt like a little bit of fate, a little bit of magic..and a circle complete in the best way possible:  A treasure is always a treasure.

Laters, Kate x


    • Maison Bentley Style

      It feels a bit like blowing my own trumpet but I know there are people who’ve seen or know about the picture and I wanted them to know it had gone to a good home and not thrown away, particularly as the note didn’t stay up for very long xxxxx

  1. KerryCan

    Oh, this is so sad–it must be tough on all the kids. I’m glad you could save the tribute drawing and make sure it was preserved–good thinking.

  2. dievca

    Children are beautifully direct. They move so much more quickly than Adults and absorb like sponges. This piece of life is an ‘eye-opener’ for them and has immediate impact. Your little friend’s outpouring picture was her immediate response to learning about death and shows the beauty of childhood. The simplicity of saying what you feel, when you feel it.

  3. jackiemallon

    It’s a beautiful expression of sadness and celebration of life at the same time. Bless the little creative being responsible, and the other creative being who rescued it XO

  4. longandluxe

    I must second Jackie’s comment, so perfect. Wishing you all peace and a gentle weekend. So sad yet handled with tenderness indeed. Sending love and hugs xxxx