Why do you Write?

IMG_3895An apology and a confession: I find it hard to respond to Blog Awards, not because I don’t believe in them or feel the honour but because the choosing and linking to 15 plus Blogs is such a long process.  But I was tagged by the talented Laura at Buckle Button Zip  for a Blog hop that focus’s on the process of writing.  I loved the post she wrote and I was intrigued to write my own answers.  It helps it’s a two-man handover..

The Hop has a series of questions:

1. What am I working on?  I write for my Blog, another Blog and provide the media content for a shoe company.  My days already start pretty early (5.50 am on a heavy day) and finish pretty late (11?) with work and life squeezed between being a full time mum so I find it hard to add any more.  Could I write anything more? It’s a question I’ve asked myself..I wrote, a long time ago now, 17 chapters based of stories from my Grandmother and have 3 volumes of poetry (!)..there are always ideas bubbling.  Maybe one day – but for now I value the discipline of writing at least one post every day.


How does my writing differ? There’s a little (read big) spark in my heart that wants to prove that you can have intelligent writing about fashion.  I have a horror of superficiality, hate dumbing down and believe in the beauty of language.  I can’t spell for toffee, my grammar is non-existent but I love the rhythm of words and the pictures they make.

IMG_0328Why do I write what I do? I’m in a lucky position where I can be a stay at home mum, but that doesn’t mean I don’t need my own identity – something to claim as just me and writing does that.  I don’t think I could do it every day if I didn’t love it – the freedom, the escapism, the ability to skip over water and broken glass.  it’s both an indulgence and a drug. I’m a butterfly choosing the bits I love and avoiding what I don’t want to tread in..but always underlined with discipline.


How does my writing process work? I read a lot and try to digest it.  My notebooks are everything – they tip me into another world and stop creative fatigue.  I write ideas, thoughts, groups of words in longhand.  Sometimes they don’t even relate to what I’m writing about but they’re all stored away.  Often I’ll wonder and wander and read something wrong, my own handwriting or the written word..’I began to lose myself in consecutive nights out’..except I see it as ‘constructive nights out’ but I like it – it’s the balance to losing oneself, so I write it down.  And with a mistake, I walk back to reality.


I want to thank  Laura, it was an absolute pleasure to have the baton passed on from a true wordsmith.  And now I have to hand the honour over and with only two spots, this wasn’t easy.  I’ve chosen two long-term favourite people/writers that hold a special place in my heart:


Laura Lynn: Because writing for her is as natural as breathing.

Jackie Mallon: Because she knows exactly how to get to the beating heart of the matter and take you along for the ever-changing ride.


Laters, Kate x


  1. dievca

    Gorgeous, dreamy photo of the kids! XO
    Well done! (OK, the notebooks are a bit “old school” –heh, heh — takes one to know one~)

  2. queenbeady

    I absolutely ADORE this blog post. It’s so delicately written, and I feel like I have got to know you in a deeper way than most blog awards do. (No I really don’t need to hear for the umpteenth time that you love the film, Frozen or you have fifteen cats!). This post is spot on.


  3. AnnieElizabeth

    Reblogged this on Annie Elizabeth and commented:
    Congratulations! I’m blogging to try and expand my writing and thinking skills but it’s fairing to be difficult alongside university work and my job. My mind is always ticking with thoughts but sometimes I don’t find the time to articulate them. But reading this makes me realise I’ve got no excuses!! Thanks for the inspiration xx

  4. .virginia.romo.

    I enjoyed your writing about writing. Really. Very nice text, a look inside your motives. And again: excellent pictures.

  5. delightfullypeculiar

    I like what you said about the rhythm of the words, I like listening to the sounds they make in my head when put together, sometimes not making so much sense. Lovely post!

  6. vintageattitude

    Delightful as always lovely lady. Words are your drug of choice and I feel enriched for being able to share your thoughts and deeds! Thank you xxx

  7. jackiemallon

    Oh thank you, lovely lady! I too never know what to do with blog awards but this one I’m excited to do! I’d be honored and alongside the lovely Laura Lynn too, even more special. I’ll give this due thought over the weekend as my computer’s dying now. Meanwhile I find myself plotting how I can steal your notebooks and peek inside. Rainbows and unicorns will come spilling out 😉

  8. fashionassist

    Another wonderful post Kate and I always find it very interesting to read how others work.
    I particularly enjoyed your section: How does my writing process work?
    And now knowing that there are acres of great ideas pressed between the pages of those well-worn moleskins, ready to spring forth life on your command…
    I see the photo of the tattered journals like a multi-level nursery packed full to its parameters with new, wondrously creative seedlings!!~ xo
    “Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.”
    ~ John Steinbeck

  9. bucklebuttonzip

    Thanks for doing this Kate. I knew you would do it beautifully and it was wonderful to hear about your writing process and style. I learn from others everyday and you’ve given me more to chew on.
    x Laura

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  12. Samantha Schraag

    THANK YOU! I love your comment about how fashion writing does not need to lack substance. Fashion is about identity and performance, and that is a subject that deserves a little consideration. I get so frustrated reading posts that gloss over that fact and just focus on labels or prices. I want to know why you like an item and how it makes you feel. That’s what I try to bring to my writing, and I love reading it in yours. Thanks for being such an inspiring blogger! I can’t wait to get to know you better x