The Devil….

Is in the detail…


The title should read ‘Espadrille Competition – The Entries’ ..but unfortunately we are in Kent and struggling with a very poor internet connection that doesn’t like pictures.  Unless a miracle happens and photos magically start downloading I am going to postpone this post till Monday 2 June…and re-start all posts then.  And enjoy the time with my family!


Sending love, Kate xxx




  1. Angie Mc

    That’s frustrating, Kate. But it is a great reason to take a break and make some lemonade out of lemons 🙂 You are missed. Enjoy!

  2. pernillelunde

    Waaaaaa!!!!! In the midst of all my personal mayhem I totally forgot your competition 😬 good luck downloading and good luck to all the contestants. Xxxxx

  3. fashionassist

    Lol…I’m thinking the internet is more like an “angel” than a devil…
    or better still it’s a “blessing in disguise”—giving you a blog hiatus…
    and allowing you to totally focus on the ones you love ❤
    So have fun and enjoy a little time away—blog free!!~ xo