Lay on the Lippy! x


How much love is involved in the beauty of a vintage lipstick case? They exude the allure of times gone past with fleeting glimpses of decadent Hollywood glamour.  Let alone that evocative smell that is like no other.

310712-mixedbox76-2827AacThey speak of a time when the packaging on the outside was as precious as what went on inside.


I don’t have one – partly because I’m wary of investing in something that can’t be used, which would be heartbreaking.


But I’ve spotted these by Paul and Joe (also available at  ASOS) – refillable lipstick cases – the cases are about £7 and the refills £14 and, whilst I applaud the concept, and as much as these are fun (great little present) it’s a bit like comparing cheap fizz with Veuve Cliquot.

Does anyone know – CAN vintage lipstick cases still be used? Does lipstick come in a universal size?? If so, I’d be one happy bunny!

Or maybe one of the big Cosmetic companies are still making proper, metal, swanky lipstick cases that can be refilled it’s just we rarely hear about them?

If they’re not – why aren’t they? They’d be little bits of every day heaven to treasure, with the joy of upgrading and swapping colours – or buying new cases! I’d buy in like a shot! –  I really can’t think of anything chicer to have in my bag…

Laters, Kate x


  1. holzfeder

    Ah, always this conflict between enjoying a comfortable and natural look and wishing to be a sophisticated elegant lady who uses magical lipstick and even put it ostentatiously in public. Thanks for this post.

  2. KerryCan

    I have no idea about the answers to your questions but the old cases really are gorgeous. At some point, it must’ve been possible to refill them, I would think, since the cases were too nice to use and throw away. Hmmmm . . . i bet there’s info out there on the internet about this.

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Whoooooo hooooooo! THANK YOU! You are a star! I am so there!! In fact the minute I read them I went onto Etsy and found the gold croc box example above for £5! It is now MINE…I will photograph my attempts and let you know how the marriage goes! I can’t wait! xxx

      • KerryCan

        This could be a great blog post! I hope it works–I didn’t really look very carefully at the details. Good luck–you’ll look so soignee!

  3. LoveLyndaLovely

    I was just having this conversation the other day about why there aren’t refills for beautifully packaged beauty products. It’s such a waste. The Paul & Joe concept is spot on though the execution not quite all one hopes for….;) x

    • Maison Bentley Style

      I’m completely with you..there was a company – could it even have been Mac? that did little palettes that you filled up with the colours you chose..seemed like the perfect combination because there’s always one colour you love to death and one you never like..this seems far more..sustainable? thoughtful? practical??! xxx

      • LoveLyndaLovely

        Yes you’re right….Inglot in Westfield do the palettes – i haven’t been in there in eons. I have never ever found a palette that i liked EVERY colour in so that could be the answer! xxx

  4. Lia in Brussels

    Good question Kate! So good, I had to check it out… and, yes, they can! You need to put your new lipstick in the freezer for a couple of hours, then it will be easy to transfer to one of these gorgeous vintage cases! Good hunting! xxx

  5. Cortneybre

    Beautiful – little works of art! I’ve often hovered over these and vintage mirrors on sites like There is a certain personality that seems to develop with these items over time. It’s not just that they’re pretty but that they have a story to tell (or many). Lovely post! Cortneybre…

  6. evelenmargaret

    I would check out in a good cosmetics counter, try Liberty for example.
    I have some of my grandmother and mother too, they look great on a dressing table. xx

      • evelenmargaret

        No , but I have a small collection including some make up mirrors from the 50’s , one is full of pearls and golden leafs, it is from an late aunt who lived in the States. I do take the mirror when I go to the Opera for example.
        I keep these little treasures for my daughters , to have something more intimate from the women of the family.
        Enjoy the Spring weekend!

  7. neverthebombshell

    OMG YES! How amaze it would be to have one of those (when I say one I actually mean like, ten) in your handbag! Ugh, you seriously gave me a fashion orgasm right now. These NEED to make a comeback!