Those Valentino shoes..

IMG_2660 Best-Shoes-Paris-Fashion-Week-Fall-201385566668And a midi heel too!

OMFG.  I die. The perfect mafioso stiletto-dagger-to-my-heart complete with block heel and plush nude velvet archetypal hand in a steel glove..a gazelle in shearling clothing..mad elegance, drama and the perfect antidote to strap-swell. I do believe I’m in lust. Bagsy the tall black pair..

Laters, Kate xxx


    • MasonBentley

      It’s that elegance combined with that ability to cover a multitude of sins..I loved Valentino’s rockstud range..but these are something different.. xxx

  1. longandluxe

    The shoes? I also die. Your description of the shoes as “edible lushness, stiletto-dagger-to-my-heart”? Priceless!!! Love your post – wicked good shoes and poetic justice accomplished. xo

    • MasonBentley

      Ha haa! Bless you..the one thing I have found writing this Blog is there are only so many ways you can write ‘I lOVE this’!..But I do enjoy the challenge xxxxx