• MasonBentley

      I like the idea that not everything in the future is an improvement. A reaction against the modern industrial revolution? The yacht wasn’t beautiful and useful?…a matter of taste. Or the lack of connection between taking the time to make something with your hands? Xxx

    • MasonBentley

      Maybe it’s about how we should think more about how we spend the gold we make..in the past it was a sign of great wealth to invest in the Arts..now we have the rise of celebrity investing in..cars? xxx

  1. Laura Lynn

    I think you hit it right on the head there, Kate. I thought it was a comment on the wastefulness of the new celebrity. They seem so callous. So wasteful. There are charities and groups who need funding desperately. Take some of the millions you spent on the yacht and give it to a relief fund for something. ANYTHING. For no reason.

    The sign of wealth used to be funding The Arts. Not wasting money, stockpiling houses and cars.