Going Green x

IMG_2630 Our final hurrah in Portugal was to head away from the sea and go horse riding..

IMG_2627 Just off the beaten track, a mere 4 km from Luz, we went to Tiffany’s Riding Centre.

IMG_2658 A no frills, wholesome place with a rustic air of contentment.

IMG_2654And a soundscape of dogs (eleven!) and lazy insects.

IMG_2629 IMG_2659 And a rather vocal bird.

IMG_2636 IMG_2634IMG_2637 Tiffany..capable and knowledgeable..salt of the earth..sort of – I started out with nothing..and I still got most of it left..and that’s the way I like it – touch.

IMG_2641 The lovely Jasmine, staying for a month before heading back to the UK, looked after Bella. Loved her riding boots – brogue like with a zip up the middle. Ariat’s apparently..could be worth looking up for autumn..

IMG_2643 IMG_2648 IMG_2649 To be still in routine.IMG_2650In the grounds is an eco-house..if you want to/need to step off the rat-race and can ride a horse, Tiffany and Martin offer the accommodation in return for work. Check out the website Work Aways for more info along with other places offering similar scenarios…there’s a lot to be said for back to basics honest hard labour..and the palpable satisfaction that comes from it…sometimes it’s the simple things that make the memories that dance.

Laters, Kate xxx


  1. Laura Lynn

    Love the photos always. Love the straight back on that horse, excellent carriage. Also thanks for the Work Away link. I have a couple of young friends looking for adventure and this might be just the thing…

    Glad you are having a great time, you deserve it!

    • MasonBentley

      I have been really impressed by the young people working at our resort (child care etc) and by this set up..it’s the sort of thing I hope both my kids will do at some point in their lives to gain that invaluable knowledge of life…an amazing way to travel round the world xxxxx

  2. bonniemcclellan

    Beautiful light! Looks like it was a pleasant ride. I’m curious where her Ariat boots were made? The last time I was in Texas I went through a lux Austin boot shop and noticed that all of the Ariat’s and most of the Justin’s were now made in China. As I adore the first pair of Lucchese’s I bought 18 years ago, I have my eye on pair of their “Brandy” which is a short riding boot…someday ;).

    • MasonBentley

      I did do a search and I’m thinking it must be the American brand you saw in Texas..have some truly amazing ankle cowboy boots..bang on trend! Now..do they ship… sending special love xxxxx

  3. Fashion Mayann

    The colors of these photos are amazing (they look like 3D images !), and Bella looks like she comes out of a classical painting (Botticelli would have loved her !) XXXXX