So excited!!! – These are four of the summer dresses we have been working on over the past few weeks…Normally all the ‘developing collection’ pics are posted on our ‘latest MasonBentley page’..but I think these deserve a little more limelight..

The nostalgia of these dresses is in the magic of re-discovery…the basic patterns have all been taken from vintage dresses  – and then re-worked so none of the character is lost but there is an added attitude or ease of wearability (i.e. zips in easy places) to reflect our modern day living.  The pictures below show the dresses  primarily in the pale taupey beige broiderie anglais which is a gorgeous colour but we also plan to do them in white and black..and there is a winter version of the Valentina in the pipeline…

The dresses were all designed with different body shapes in mind..spot the one to suit you..I hope you like!

photo-107This is the Valentina. Dress up or dress down.  Perfect for an English summer wedding when you can’t rely on the sun. Or put on a pair of flip-flops and head out to the shops..photo-108IMG_1794This is the Billie.  It’s simplicity and ease of movement is a joy – it will look good no matter how high the temperature rises… a pair of wedges, large sunnies and a straw bag and you are good to go.  The belt can also be worn to the front with a large bow – Anna is just improvising without the official belt in this pic..but note the shape to the hem to show a flash of leg – the split and the curve – J’adore.

photo-106The Grace.  Youthful, elegant, fresh.  Dress up for dinner..or just wear on a summers day to pick up the kids from school.. feel a million dollars…the ‘dress’ has to be the ultimate capsule wardrobe.  Full stop.  No faffing with what goes with what – it’s on..and you’re off…


The Bergman.  A hint to Anna’s Swedish heritage.  A summer dress to get you noticed..wear this and you know people will comment…but it’s still a cotton summer dress..

Love ’em!!!

Laters, Kate x


    • MasonBentley

      I know…Valentina is definitely for the less endowed of us. cuts me out. But doesn’t stop me lusting after those type of Audrey Hepburn inspired designs. Sigh – my only hope is to go under the knife…possibly a step too far. But 3 – with that sweet heart neckline…I will be wearing in the larger size when we have graded everything – will post a pic..and the last one – the Bergman , I think is flattering for everyone – the shoulders balance you out whether you have more or less on top…..and shows off waists…another 7 designs headed to the factory this morning. Fingers crossed xxx

  1. Laura Lynn

    LOVE the Grace. In fact, love them all. Why can’t I find patterns for dresses like this? Maybe if I practiced what I preached (whatEVER that is) I’d be able to make a pattern. Its soooo hard to find dresses that are this beautiful. Period. Full stop.

    • MasonBentley

      Thank you luv. We have a tv programme running here at the moment called the ‘Sewing Bee’ – I think it’s going to inspire everyone to dust off their sewing machines…having said that, I think they will be shocked at how much material costs etc – we have got very used to throw away fashion at throw away prices in this country..is going to be interesting. Can recommend Etsy and Ebay for vintage patterns…the only draw back is that the vintage sizes are SMALL! but as long as you know…I feel very lucky that I have Anna here with all the skill that she has..it does help if you worked with Valentino and Karl! XXXXXXX

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