• MasonBentley

      I do find a male ankle something a big special! In the first picture I am intrigued by the sadness in the top half..and the confidence in the Lower section. Is genius xxx

  1. Fashion Mayann

    A few months ago, French “Marie Claire” asked famous French guys to pose in their usual clothes, but with red stilettos ! The result was as “shocking, disturbing … but strangely arresting” as your amazing post (this title …) ! XXXX

    • MasonBentley

      OOH ooh ooh! How fab!! It’s funny..I started the search for these photos after reading about a launch – some time ago now but it stuck in my head – set in a posh villa where men were wearing stilettos and women were riding stationary bikes in turbans..never found the photos (couldn’t remember enough info) but these were too good to ignore..I want to add captions for each photo..particularly the last one! xxx

  2. Laura Lynn

    Hmmm…the only thing I find disturbing is the look on the mans face in the last shot. Red shoes. He looks, what’s the word? He looks happy and confident. In womens shoes! I still think he needs a stylist. Hmmm, you know on second thought, he looks well put together. That was just me being jealous.

  3. Lia in Brussels

    The last pic looks like one from a ”Walk a Mile in Her Shoes”, a men’s march to stop rape, sexual assault and gender violence, an event taking place mainly in the US (these Americans… 😉 I would soooo love to see the ensemble of MEPs, Council and College members walk the mile in red shoes, around Grand Place in Brussels!

    • MasonBentley

      I LOVE this idea! I honestly think men should walk in high heels anyway just to appreciate the inner strength/insanity of women…maybe we should start collecting signatures to encourage the MEPs to offer their support to such a good cause?…I’d be clapping (and snapping…) xxxxx

  4. irenedesign2011

    Interesting photos. And yes, there are a lot of men, who would like to walk around in high heels and dresses, but difficult for them with an usual job.
    Thanks for your visit and like at my blog.

  5. LoveLyndaLovely

    I love the last pic – they both look very comfortable in their heels! High heels were originally worn by men and not so long ago in the 70s men wore platform heels didn’t they wonder what changed? Think the walk a mile is a great idea.