Bling ring..blinking good

As a self confessed free wheeling fashion conscious omnivore with a ravenous appetite for design I ate up this delicious teal ring as worn by Mila Kunis in the April edition of Marie Claire.

Mila’s not bad either…

IMG_1699Shall we take a closer look?

IMG_1769Sigh. I took on the exquisite pain of trying to find out who designed it…but so far no banana.  The best I could come up with were these from Dior..

images-3images images-2 images-4 images-5 images-6 images-7And these from Chanel – don’t you just want to stroke them? lick them?!images-8 And the last three are vintage 70s rings..images-10 images-11I’m not too hot on trophy purchases – but give me one of these and I would purrrrrrr!

Laters, Kate x


  1. Laura Lynn

    So delicious! I would wear them all. And I might have seen something similar to Mila’s ring over on this side of the pond. Where though? I think Nordstroms jewelry…I’m going to look right now.

  2. Laura Lynn

    Couldn’t find them. But lots of pretty Lanvin etc…love Nordstroms. I know I saw that sort of ring somewhere…crazy making not to know. I’ll keep my eye peeled though.

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  4. porshasworld

    These are gorgeous, I purchased a similar ring in Venezuela last year as a gift for one of my sisters from a local jeweler, the detail as with these were amazing