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Noose x


What times we live in.  Maybe this post should’ve been about future brooches for Lady Hale.  But I don’t think that lady needs any help, sartorial or otherwise. Instead I give you chains: The chains we choose to wear, the conscious, the unconscious. The ones we’re sometimes forced to wear. And sometimes, the one’s we wear with pride: The chains of office.

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I know whose office I’d prefer to be in today.

Laters, Kate x

By degrees x



By degrees, dungarees – a trend prediction for the summer.

Brought to life by Meryl Streep in Mama Mia, Meryl proved all the barriers to style are in the mind.

Which doesn’t stop them being a marmite garment. Would you?

Laters, Kate x


A trend used to be something that you felt in your throat and stomach, elevating the wearer to a little invisible floating pedestal carried on a cloud of desire.  These days things  seem a lot more transient, celebrity/media driven..and now they call it trending…

One trend I have never got my head round is guys wearing their trousers round their thighs aping inmates in US prisons.  What is that all about? I understand, nay appreciate the glimpse of a band of a mens underwear (clean, not y-fronts) but your whole bottom? Too much information..and why would anyone want to make their body  longer and legs shorter to increase their ability to walk like a penguin?  Darwin would not be amused.

Of course this has come back to bite me in my own proverbial as my youngest, Charlie aged 3 (birthday next week) is incapable of keeping his trousers up.  In fact I was a spectator in the episode below.. I hope it comes across as to quite how much he was playing to his audience.. like a strutting peacock…

IMG_1801 IMG_1802 IMG_1803IMG_1805IMG_1805 IMG_1806The man walking down the road is a neighbour.  His eyes nearly popped out. By the time we got to his friend’s house a few more doors down they were down by his ankles.  And he still didn’t pull them up!

Laters, Kate x

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