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Ever heard of Geo-caching? Nor had I until a friend mentioned it..it’s an app that basically uses GPS to find treasures hidden by others all across the world (over 2 million and counting).  We used it for the first time on our little holiday..First you see a map that marks where the booty lies, then a compass points you in the right direction and counts down the metres to your prize.


The pleasure is it leads you to unexpected places..the journey is half the fun..

IMG_0951 IMG_0952 IMG_0953 IMG_0955

Our trail led us to this memorial dedicated to Airmen from World War 1.


You get within 10 feet of the treasure..then you have to start looking..



IMG_0958 IMG_0959

Inside was a log book to mark your discovery.


And then you can choose a prize – as long as you’ve got something to put inside as well..we left some dice!  Then it’s time to return it to it’s little hidey hole for another explorer to find..

It’s a fabulous way to add an extra spin to a day…any day!

Laters, Kate x


Jackie? Are you there??! x



Leaving on our adventure..not sure how Bella managed to take this pic, but I love the way the shadow looks like a man with a big nose…




Charlie is our fashionisto today..he’s insisted on wearing his top back-to-front..




To match his blue nail varnish (Yep, a fashion statement rather than hyperthermia..)




First part of the journey is by train.  The kids are tickled pink by the window of this platform cafe…made on purpose or did someone get bored?!



Fuel stop at Brockley (re-named broccoli by Bella..)



They’re not  impressed by my blue egg brunch, but honestly it’s Delicious!



There’s a serendipitous magazine on the table….reminding us we’re here on a mission from New York (Click for the NY link and the complete story!)..we have to find Jackie’s book ‘Silk for the Feed Dog’ before anyone else does..she’s literally sent it from across the Atlantic..




Except – so near yet so far..there’s no effing internet on my phone so now we don’t have a map.  Tip to self: Always carry a paper back-up…and we’re on a deadline for the magic to happen..




We jump on a bus..it’s the scenic route but at least I can remember the way from Lewisham (we’re travelling two sides of a very large triangle)..the question is..will we make it in time??



There it is!! London’s smallest library…



Is it there? Are we too late?








All the way from New York!! Utterly totes amazing!!!  So thrilled it’s there and there is such a things as magic in the world..



And the kids are thrilled to swap and find books of their own too..

Time to go home for a nice cup of tea and a good read..except I have two children to entertain…

but hey!..they have books too! Result!

Laters, a very happy, Kate x

(Quick link back to the NY part of the story!)