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Ever heard of Geo-caching? Nor had I until a friend mentioned it..it’s an app that basically uses GPS to find treasures hidden by others all across the world (over 2 million and counting).  We used it for the first time on our little holiday..First you see a map that marks where the booty lies, then a compass points you in the right direction and counts down the metres to your prize.


The pleasure is it leads you to unexpected places..the journey is half the fun..

IMG_0951 IMG_0952 IMG_0953 IMG_0955

Our trail led us to this memorial dedicated to Airmen from World War 1.


You get within 10 feet of the treasure..then you have to start looking..



IMG_0958 IMG_0959

Inside was a log book to mark your discovery.


And then you can choose a prize – as long as you’ve got something to put inside as well..we left some dice!  Then it’s time to return it to it’s little hidey hole for another explorer to find..

It’s a fabulous way to add an extra spin to a day…any day!

Laters, Kate x