Ever heard of Geo-caching? Nor had I until a friend mentioned’s an app that basically uses GPS to find treasures hidden by others all across the world (over 2 million and counting).  We used it for the first time on our little holiday..First you see a map that marks where the booty lies, then a compass points you in the right direction and counts down the metres to your prize.


The pleasure is it leads you to unexpected places..the journey is half the fun..

IMG_0951 IMG_0952 IMG_0953 IMG_0955

Our trail led us to this memorial dedicated to Airmen from World War 1.


You get within 10 feet of the treasure..then you have to start looking..



IMG_0958 IMG_0959

Inside was a log book to mark your discovery.


And then you can choose a prize – as long as you’ve got something to put inside as well..we left some dice!  Then it’s time to return it to it’s little hidey hole for another explorer to find..

It’s a fabulous way to add an extra spin to a day…any day!

Laters, Kate x



  1. Petite Lab Rat

    I absolutely love geocaching!!! it’s so much fun to try and find the geocache, especially if it’s really small. I found one on time that was the size of a lipstick tube with rolled paper in it, wedged underneath a bench. I’ve always walked past the area and would have never known!

  2. brooklynn010

    My AP Human Geography class is doing that right now, but on a small scale! My teacher alwasy talks about it. You’re not alowed to let other people see you find the “treasure” becuase they then might take it. Also my teacher also told me that the non-geo cachers are called “muggles.”