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Luscious Libertine x


Designer Johnson Hartig of Libertine is a man who likes to chase the scream..it’s all over his clothes: Surrealism, Dadaism, futurism, exhilarating exuberance, rave, punk, street and fun.

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Jazzed up juicy vintage silhouettes with glorious jewel case colours to relish with rapture.


All thrown together with Warhol’s soup can and Pop Art talismans: The joy is in the impact…the devil’s in the detail..

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(All photos Style.com)

If I could choose any item from NYFW 2015 it would be one of these coats..the splinter is deciding which one..

Laters, Kate x



Isabella Blow as Joan of Arc by Tim Walker

Yesterday I had the treasure of going with friends to indulge in the Isabella Blow exhibition at Somerset House.  If you get the chance, go because it was a pure joy to be immersed in her original, outrageous and extravagant world:  Blow found normality in the perfectly absurd and utterly fabulous and, with her instinctive eye for style she had an unstoppable enthusiasm for creative genius – she was happy to break boundaries with those special people prepared to leap out of the mediocrity trap with her.  Reflecting afterwards, we talked about the rich source of inspiration that English eccentricity is and I mentioned the photographer Tim Walker, another lover of high drama and magical thinking.  My lovely mate Galliana D’ove had never come across his work..so Galliana..inspired by our trip and wanting to luxuriate in the delights of maximalism for a little bit longer, this post is just for you!

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Laters, Kate x