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It started with a spring clean…

I’ve had gremlins..or little fingers…logged on this morning to find no post.  Gone like the dew in the morn except for the first paragraph in draft form and 2 comments! Great. So here it is again, sort of –  and I apologise to anyone who got this ditty twice due to the  re-publishing…

It started snowing again today…snowing.  In London.  In March April.  It’s pathetic.  But somewhere deep inside there is a feeling of spring coming – because I don’t know what else is making me want to clear out cupboards and fill up dustbin bags.  Which would be rip roaringly good except I have come to the conclusion that I am probably the worst de-clutterer ever…take this morning..I attacked our ensuite with the firm intention of getting jewellery sorted into piles, old make up thrown out (read ‘give to daughter’) and detritus removed.  I got as far as the jewellery…I have this pile of old earrings in a brass bowl..

IMG_1700They’ve become part of the furniture.  I keep them for some sentimental reason or other because the majority are dangly earrings and I never wear dangly earrings..

IMG_1720Then I had this thought – what if I could change them? turn them into stud earrings? Surely worth a try..so I set off to the shops…

IMG_1712These caught my eye.

IMG_1702And then I couldn’t resist these.

IMG_1710And these just had my name written all over them…

IMG_1701Removed the dangly hook thing, added copious amounts of this..

E Voila!

IMG_1717Macabre jellyfish skeleton men on juju juice! Why do I love these so much?!

IMG_1708Got utterly carried away and added additional gemming – but these I WILL WEAR with a white shirt dress and wedges in the summer…which admittedly could be never..

IMG_1714The additional shape, the little pop of colour..makes all the difference.

IMG_1718Neon orange stud hoops! J’adore!

IMG_1715I LOVE this combo.

IMG_1716Pretty non?

IMG_1713My alien babies! You look at them…and then look again..

IMG_1704Moral of the story? – Mess is obviously inspirational.

My tip of the day? – make sure the buggers are completely dry BEFORE you put them on…previously I never used to wear them…now I can never take them off..

Laters…much later, Kate x