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It’s Mabes babes..


And so the yearly hunt for towelling beachwear starts..


(Personally I now blame Sean Connery, not lycra for it’s demise.)


But I know it’s just waiting to have it’s cool moment again.

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There is a light at the end of the tunnel..new on the block is Mabes, a British label purely obsessed with towelling shirts.

077c5ff94a9a57601891f519f8b674e8 1308be6724d5d4594eea6c184bba6b95 From double pocketed chunky large buttoned plain classics..


To retro prints with an edge.

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For guys, girls and even little ones…and the prices are sensible (£35 for kids to £74 for adults).  So that’s Charlie and The Husband sorted.


(All pictures Mabes and Pinterest)

Now I just need this dress in a white, light towelling please..

Laters, Kate x