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Touching the Tide..


The girls are coming in and heading for home!! Row Like  a Girl, the 4 girl team rowing 3000 miles in the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge Race are due to cross the finishing line and arrive in Antigua today (around 4 o’clock UK time) to claim a staggering 2nd place against 26 other boats and break all sorts of records – like the youngest women ever to row the Atlantic, fastest women etc…


And they won’t be too sad at coming second..they were only bested by another British team: Ocean Reunion  – which included the brother of Row Like a girl’s Bella Collins….and adds to their remarkable record haul: First brother and sister to ever complete the challenge..


Behind them many boats are still battling it out..including the magnificent and maverick Row2Recovery…who boast only one pair of legs between them..


And the awesome YorkshireRows – 4 forty something mums proving that motherhood is just a stepping stone…if you dare to dream.


Gutsy, bonkers, courageous, inspirational.  It’s been a joy to follow their journeys..and you can be a part of it too – each and everyone of them are doing this for charity..click through tho their respective websites here to see more..because this is special and they deserve everything they get.

Laters, Kate x

Row Like a Girl x


Turn off Big Brother with it’s endless whining voice of entitlement and check out the Row Like a Girl team, now halfway through the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic race.  They’re four British girls: Lauren Norton (skipper), Olivia Bolesworth, Bella Collins and Georgina Purdy who are hoping to become the youngest four ever to row the distance and break 2 world records in the process…just a mere 3,000 miles.


They’re part of 26 teams taking part facing sleep deprivation and exhaustion with a continual pattern of two hour on/off shifts, extreme weather conditions including 30-40 ft waves, and health issues with salt sores, blisters and possible infections…


Not something to be taken lightly…


But there’s something saintly about their bloodyminded combination of fun and fierce conviction. They bridge the gap between girly girls and inner strength, racing under the banner ‘strong is the new skinny’ and laughing in the jaws of adversity, making it all look like the most glamorous, fabulous romp on the planet. As I type, the girls are in a strong second but things are looking promisingly awful for the whole fleet with significant headwinds of excess of twenty knots expected…


Really..who needs reality TV?

Laters, Kate x