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Doubling up..


It was a long night last night – after birthday celebrations it was home late to a very sick Charlie with projectile vomiting and diarrhoea..in his sleep..you can just imagine the amount of bed linen/antiseptic spray we got through.  Finally we both went to sleep on the bathroom floor – the easiest place to keep clean. So it feels appropriate to look at clever, space saving beds – for which I have to thank the Sunday Times for coming up with these finds – but they’re just too good not to pass on. The bed above is from Noa and Nani – a really good, affordable £129 brucie bargain, chic choice.


They do other designs too, including this very cunning one at £249..451ec4e97a2976662b1911b580ecd052

There’s storage..8ca5a5f87d16ecc56b3b461b5423bb16

with a trundle bed above. Genius.


Or what about a space saving bed for three?  A bunk bed with a simple trundle you can add for a mere £59.


Or just a trundle you can keep out of sight?


I heart this bed.  Disguised as an ottoman it comes up trumps with a padded headboard. From Sofa.com. Although a little bit more expensive at £530.


An Ikea classic. At £349?


Or this one at £499 – apparently flips open to make a double. Check out Made.com for more information.


I’m liking the smaller size option of a chair-bed.  This ‘ched’ (my word..) is from Willow and Hall at a currently reduced price of £393


I like the chunkiness of this option…but I’m never sure of the design virtue of armrests shaped as wheels….but if it floats your boat it’s from Loaf at £875.


Maybe you will be able to squeeze that extra guest in this Christmas..ho ho!

Laters, Kate x

Simply Made x


Made was born from a desire to create beautiful products using traditional time-honoured skills and fashion led design:  Made believe that people really matter, that if you look after the employees it translates through into what they make.  It’s a meeting of beautiful thinking and beautiful doing where object and intention come together to create something truly special and unique whilst embracing cultures, personalities and genuine gorgeousness..925122eb75242e15c5269b2d4a0155c5  They are also dedicated to using the most environmentally friendly products possible: Their signature style comes from an extensive use of reclaimed brass which has a warmth and a softness unlike any other metal. 979c143941558a0f515878533f55f2c9 But what makes them standout is the balance between tradition/friend of the earth and cutting edge fashion: Their sharp design skills come from a willingness to collaborate with some of the best the fashion and design world has to offer – Edun, Lois Vuitton, Whistles, Asos, TopShop to name just a few, all adding to a sense of continual growth and exploration of ideas. a56747c0008da73ab12b9dd2b2f6e21d

I particularly love these pieces by Imogen Belfield, already touted by Vogue as an up and coming designer, her designs have a sense of presence and tactileness that make them exceptionally appealing: They’re a little bit of sunshine… 0a810f8f6d0956952fca3735aff42eb9

Mi piace..


Time to stand outside the circle.

Laters, Kate x