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Shining Light..


Lindsey Adelman light-creations are an empathy grab to the heart, snaring you between brutal, industrial chic and fragile organic forms..

Strangely enough, the girl-with-the-design eye-started her life wearing another coat – that of reader and dreamer.  The magic happened in 1992 whilst Lindsey was  working as an editorial assistant at the Smithsonian Institution, she walked into the Exhibition Fabrication Department and saw an industrial designer sculpting French fries out of foam for a show on American work…”I think they were for a McDonald’s drive-thru set or something,” she says. But somewhere a connection was made: dreams could be made into reality…and she immediately enrolled at RISD to study design…


Her first lights evolved from playing with off-the-shelf parts: ‘The structures I’ve made come out of an interest in function’ She explains, ‘You have this idea of spreading out points of light in a space, then developing a system of materials and energy..till it ends up looking like a tree because a tree already has it figured out!’


Her Company, Lindsey Adelman, based in Mannhatten, New York, now supports a staff of 20 and deals in commissions from around the world worth tens of thousands of dollars per light…but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t lost her roots..


Her first foray light is still available to order for the bargain price of $145.25.  The catch? You have to make it yourself…heaven!


 …And it comes with a European wiring option…

Laters, Kate x