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Weekend Wanderings..


On Saturday Fairy, Bella and I headed to Shoreditch to the Jumble and Pearls vintage and more sale at the Book Club. (A fab cafe in it’s own right with loads going on…and it’s own table tennis table..)


Shoreditch is an eclectic, buzzing, creative, urban area with stories and something different round every corner.  Looking with eyes wide open is a must.


(I was thinking of you, Su..loved the retro letters..)


Opposite the light shop was this fairytale-like Reclamation Yard…we were immediately sidetracked (it doesn’t take much..).  Set in an old church it was like stepping through the wardrobe into Narnia…..

IMG_4204 IMG_4203 IMG_4208

 I didn’t think so much space existed in central London…

IMG_4210 IMG_4211

In my dreams this old French haberdashery unit is pride of place in my kitchen holding bowls and plates..and anything else..

IMG_4213 IMG_4214IMG_4215 IMG_0795

 We were at Jumble and Pearl to see my wonderful cousin Nathalie (her story here) and see her new merchandise for Sam Says Enjoy Life.

IMG_0794 IMG_0793

(My sister swears by these bibs and is always being asked where she got them from)


I also had Bella’s portrait drawn by the lovely Jenny Robins.


I’ve always fancied having a wall of framed ‘street art’ portraits of the kids, drawn across the years, seen with different eyes and marking their growth into adults.


Jenny has said she’ll help, so this is the first one…I like to think the finished collection will be like an Installation in it’s own right..


We headed home, very happy with my purchase from Nathalie – one of her new up-cycled denim bags, perfect to hold in style the daily detritus I manage to accumulate and lug around.


 I particularly like the pockets..that little bit of embroidery is heaven.

Laters, Kate x