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Ironic Iconic..


(Photo from Marie Claire)

The Moschino AW14 show was rather over-shadowed by the tardy arrival of one of it’s models, the pop singer Katy Perry.  Some say her showing up late was the behaviour of a spoilt brat.  Other’s argue she was set up or let down by others and it wasn’t her fault. The audience certainly weren’t happy and made the fact known.  I say, if you are late, take it on the chin and have the grace to apologies.  Swearing shows a distinct lack of humanity.….although Jeremy Scott, the King of Junk Culture was probably more than happy, sitting in a dark corner chuckling to himself, lapping all the media exploitation straight up like a rich tabloid milkshake..


Once started, he proudly paraded the Macdonald’s golden arches down the runway ‘homaged’ as potent tongue-in-cheek representation of Chanel’s iconic logo.


More caricatures of Chanel statement pieces were served up in quick succession.


This was ‘fast fashion’ in a satirical multi-layered pret-a-manger sandwich with extra relish.  A brilliant parody of high street and designer, bright, stand-out and ‘of the moment’ this Collection needed to hit the shop floor running  – and that’s exactly what Jeremy Scott did.  A soon as the first model stepped onto the runway select pieces of the Collection became available online.  No six month wait. No time for copies or ubiquitous ‘interpretations’, Jeremy Scott had done all the handwork, taken all the risk..after all the mocking and the finger waving, buried underneath  the crowd pleasing a slick machine was at work..with style and showmanship he triumphantly demonstrated that fast fashion can be designer fashion…and be quick as well.


There’s one thing no-one can deny – Jeremy Scott is a man who understands the fashion world through and through…and is prepared to run wild  with the times…

Laters, Kate x

Flights of Fancy

You know that feeling…something catches your eye..and you feel it in your tummy…but you’re not entirely sure whether to succumb with undisputed pleasure..or to slaughter the magpie in your head with a double-barrelled sling-shot..

Take these beauties..Jeremy Scotts Wings Adidas trainers..Are they total tack? Or is it that sometimes style gets stuck on a carousel of taste and every now and then it’s nice to break free..


  Cara Delevingue (picture from http://www.leblow.co.uk)

Jeremy Scott Adidas trainersjeremy-scott-wings-denim-2012-1Unknown-1Unknownblue gold shoe wings square wmEven better –  the versatility of these from Shoe Wings at a cheerful £9.99.

I could even pretend I was buying for the children..multiple times..lots and lots of children..

Shoe-wings.com silver biker wm Imagine on Bella’s ice-skates!..roller-skates..but call me fussy – I do want proper Hermes-the-winged-God homage with a pair on each side per shoe..

box176_shwings_boot I laugh!

box176-shwings-trainer Oooh! A double pair..true temptation..

Bonkers or beautiful?

…And will they make me run faster???

Laters, Kate x