Flights of Fancy

You know that feeling…something catches your eye..and you feel it in your tummy…but you’re not entirely sure whether to succumb with undisputed pleasure..or to slaughter the magpie in your head with a double-barrelled sling-shot..

Take these beauties..Jeremy Scotts Wings Adidas trainers..Are they total tack? Or is it that sometimes style gets stuck on a carousel of taste and every now and then it’s nice to break free..


  Cara Delevingue (picture from

Jeremy Scott Adidas trainersjeremy-scott-wings-denim-2012-1Unknown-1Unknownblue gold shoe wings square wmEven better –  the versatility of these from Shoe Wings at a cheerful £9.99.

I could even pretend I was buying for the children..multiple times..lots and lots of children.. silver biker wm Imagine on Bella’s ice-skates!..roller-skates..but call me fussy – I do want proper Hermes-the-winged-God homage with a pair on each side per shoe..

box176_shwings_boot I laugh!

box176-shwings-trainer Oooh! A double pair..true temptation..

Bonkers or beautiful?

…And will they make me run faster???

Laters, Kate x


  1. Dr Emily Mason BSc MSc DC LCC

    My first pair of proper running shoes were by Nike and were called Air Icarus and when I wore them running it felt like they looked more like these silver Adidas winged ones. Was that just my spriteful youth or wishful thinking?