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Splashing Back x

Oh the unbridled joy of the hunt: I have found a company in Oxfordshire – The Douglas Watson Studio –  that specialises in English handmade and hand painted ceramic tiles.  And what beauties they produce..


The price point is high, but certainly cheaper than originals: Roughly £15 – £25 per tile on a sliding algorithm of less colour, less cost.


(Pics from The Douglas Watson Studio and Pinterest)

Tiles in situ: Such a small area to cover really………………

Laters, Kate x

The Creme de la Creme..

I often wonder if winning the lottery would actually make my life better. It’s a moot point.  However I do know it would make my walls so much more fantastic.  I apologies for the next pictures..they are pure avarice and excitement and are (cough) ridiculously expensive (a pot of paint and a bit elbow grease won’t rock it with these babies) but they are sublime, aspirational and quite frankly give me giddy butterflies.


These hand painted chinoiserie wallpapers are from the company de Gournay.  And looking at them you feel it is the timeless work of centuries of work from old master crafts men passing their craft down from generation to generation.  In fact the Company was founded in 1986 by Claud Cecil Gurney.  After searching for artisans to restore the antique wallpaper in his own home he discovered the traditional art was on the verge of disappearing.  He made it his mission to resurrect it.  And I for one am so thankful that he did.01_large06_large 08_large 13_large 14_large 15_large 18_large 19_large 20_large 23_large 24_large 27_large 28_large 29_large 31_large 33_large 34_large 42_large 45_large 02_large 03_large 05_large new_02_large 08_large-1 20_large-1 22_large 23_large-1 28_large-1 03_large-1 04_large-1 03_large-2 05_large-1 10_large 18_large-1To give you an idea..the paper is so expensive you can have it steamed off if you move… and re-used in your next millionaire mansion!

Laters, Kate x