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Summer Blues..


The kids left for Greece this morning and it was my job to hug enthusiastically and wave with excitement.  But my heart broke just a little bit.  I’ll see them in a week..but it does feel as though they are going a long, long way away.



I was talking to their lovely Teacher yesterday who told me I’d be off to vintage markets and all sorts..and she was right – this time is a gift and I’d be a fool not to use it wisely.  We actually have a vintage event on Saturday so I’m gathering my black coat of mourning and heading off to Stoke Newington to see what delights I can find.  Taking my decorating mags on the train with me…
Unknown McInturff architects 2

The idea of our renovation is to replace some of our internal walls with these Crittall windows..mi piace mol to…and now maybe I’ll get a bit further than just collecting pictures…



Then tonight  the Husband and I are going to Regents Park Open Air Theatre (one of my absolute favourite summer venues) to be wined and dined and to see Hobson’s Choice..

But I will be looking up at the stars knowing that my two can see them also…

Laters, Kate x