Summer Blues..


The kids left for Greece this morning and it was my job to hug enthusiastically and wave with excitement.  But my heart broke just a little bit.  I’ll see them in a week..but it does feel as though they are going a long, long way away.



I was talking to their lovely Teacher yesterday who told me I’d be off to vintage markets and all sorts..and she was right – this time is a gift and I’d be a fool not to use it wisely.  We actually have a vintage event on Saturday so I’m gathering my black coat of mourning and heading off to Stoke Newington to see what delights I can find.  Taking my decorating mags on the train with me…
Unknown McInturff architects 2

The idea of our renovation is to replace some of our internal walls with these Crittall windows..mi piace mol to…and now maybe I’ll get a bit further than just collecting pictures…



Then tonight  the Husband and I are going to Regents Park Open Air Theatre (one of my absolute favourite summer venues) to be wined and dined and to see Hobson’s Choice..

But I will be looking up at the stars knowing that my two can see them also…

Laters, Kate x


  1. vintageattitude

    Ooo it’s a wrench….but get stuck in to vintage Stokie and enjoy your evening out… deserve it!! …..and by the way I grew up a couple of miles from the Crittall village which was built to provide homes and a community around the factory. The houses all had flat roofs as I recall. The windows were metal and ran with condensation every morning…..much moppage ensued!!! Xxx

  2. MELewis

    They do have this way of pulling at our heartstrings, and that doesn’t change even when they grow up. Profites-en!

  3. jackiemallon

    I hear you but I’m also feeling excited for you, almost like the flutter of naughty delight when playing truant at school. You’re always so busy and spend so much great time with them, and they will grow up with great childhood memories as a result and become beautiful adult characters. But I am writing you a note to request you be excused to play truant for one week. Now be gone! Scarper! Frolic! For a week is a very short time… XO!

  4. theblackberryboys

    Don’t be sad! The kids are in a great place! Greece!!!!!!!!! 🙂 so enjoy your time alone 🙂 I would really enjoy 1 whole week without mine, but it is not happening anytime soon 😦 The windows look lovely. Great idea. xoxo Fanni