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Dear Santa..

The great thing about the triumphant march of technology is that it reminds you of the simple pleasures you once took for granted like writing, pens and ink.

Because now a great script stands out instantly.

Even more so if the ink is coloured. I went through years at secondary school writing in either green or purple ink but now that doesn’t only seem a life time ago, it is a lifetime ago. But a fountain pen with green ink is top of my Christmas list this year. A new trend? Probably.

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My ink of choice would be Akkerman, a Dutch company who’ve been making inks for over a hundred years.  Their unique bottle originating from the 1930’s  is poetry in motion – tilt the closed ink bottle and the neck fills itself up with ink.  Placed the bottle on a flat surface again and the marble falls back in the neck to trap the ink creating a perfect reservoir – even when the pot is almost empty.


Pure magic.

Laters, Kate x

Mightier than the Sword..

spencerian-ladies_hand_02 Behrensmeyer_signature Screen-Shot-2013-03-22-at-11.05.46-PM maxresdefault AnneElser_FallFeatherFlourish2


I so need to up my penmanship skills…but my tie-dying skills might improve today: Have 6 friends round to to transform everything white into beach-ready Shibori..pictures sure to follow…


Laters, Kate x