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Heel the Love..

783-10004-3744254109_wine_mTantalising autumn shoe in to-die-for oxblood by the indomitable Isabel Marant

Somtimes it can just be the little things that make the mark between a good shoe and a great shoe like the perfect colour or the way they’ve been stitched. But invariably I find there’s a gap between the shoes I see in my head and the reality of what’s available.

Take this Burberry boot..


Mouth-watering in design,  colour and texture.  I want this shape to wear with pencil skirts, 3/4 length trousers..but for every day?

f78903e17bcf2a7337ff6dd64d8d37489ddc89de Even my ankles would get vertigo.  I need 24 hour shoes I can run in.

Why is it the more expensive the brand the higher the heel? Is it a subtle comment to say the women who can afford these shoes don’t need to work walk?, or are they hell-bent on proving that comfort and height costs special engineering and therefore more money? Except I believe that after a certain height every shoe becomes a taxi-shoe and only good for extra pain.

This autumn I want shoes with character that tell a story…a 1940s vibe mixed with a bit of 70s with a splash of growing up gentley modern elegance..I want a desert boot with a wedge heel to wear with jeans…a really masculine type with lots of stitching..


And a black pair with a brogue tassel for dresses and skirts..

IMG_2691I’ve found these conker coloured vintage 70s shoes that I love…

IMG_2694But these other two have a place reserved in my wardrobe..

IMG_2695IMG_2697And ALL the heels are 2.5 inches..

So if you know where to get any of these or similar please say..otherwise I’ll have to keep on dreaming..

Laters, Kate x