Heel the Love..

783-10004-3744254109_wine_mTantalising autumn shoe in to-die-for oxblood by the indomitable Isabel Marant

Somtimes it can just be the little things that make the mark between a good shoe and a great shoe like the perfect colour or the way they’ve been stitched. But invariably I find there’s a gap between the shoes I see in my head and the reality of what’s available.

Take this Burberry boot..


Mouth-watering in design,  colour and texture.  I want this shape to wear with pencil skirts, 3/4 length trousers..but for every day?

f78903e17bcf2a7337ff6dd64d8d37489ddc89de Even my ankles would get vertigo.  I need 24 hour shoes I can run in.

Why is it the more expensive the brand the higher the heel? Is it a subtle comment to say the women who can afford these shoes don’t need to work walk?, or are they hell-bent on proving that comfort and height costs special engineering and therefore more money? Except I believe that after a certain height every shoe becomes a taxi-shoe and only good for extra pain.

This autumn I want shoes with character that tell a story…a 1940s vibe mixed with a bit of 70s with a splash of growing up gentley modern elegance..I want a desert boot with a wedge heel to wear with jeans…a really masculine type with lots of stitching..


And a black pair with a brogue tassel for dresses and skirts..

IMG_2691I’ve found these conker coloured vintage 70s shoes that I love…

IMG_2694But these other two have a place reserved in my wardrobe..

IMG_2695IMG_2697And ALL the heels are 2.5 inches..

So if you know where to get any of these or similar please say..otherwise I’ll have to keep on dreaming..

Laters, Kate x


    • MasonBentley

      You.are.the.best! How fast was that? Now the true obsession comes out as I show my true colours..I think I need the toe to be less rounded. Sad but true! xxxx

  1. Fox and Rook

    The gap between the shoes in your head and the shoes that exist in real life? I know exactly what you mean. Alas, I have the same problem with pants. Good pants are as rare and elusive as great shoes. However, those Marant boots will do just fine, thank you very much.

    • MasonBentley

      This reply could easily be lost in translation..I’m assuming pants are trousers?! And I totally agree..I’ve now taken the extreme action of buying mens..the cut is so much better..loose where it should be..and they have really decent pockets! Love the autumn range of Swedish hasbeens in your post..teamed with mens trousers? Perfect! xxx