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Well..the Crittall glass is finally in..and has completely changed the room.  Hard to describe how – it feels very, very grown up.

IMG_8760 IMG_8761 IMG_8762 IMG_8764 IMG_8765 IMG_8766

Of course it wasn’t all plain sailing, because unless I’m secretly Harry Potter I shouldn’t be able to do this.  They need another trip to replace a section of glass that got broken..and another that was defective.  Third time lucky hey…


Laters, Kate x

Finishing Touches x


Boo hoo. We were meant to be having the crittall glass for the hall fitted today….but these things never happen when they’re meant to.  It’s delayed now till the end of the week. Sigh. So instead of proper pics I’ve just got  the inspiration pictures to drool over.

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I hope mine will look half as good..

Laters, Kate x