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Art Open Evening x


So this is the thing…my lovely weekly Art Class are having two Open Evening studio nights this week on Friday 9th October and Saturday 10th October from 6.00 pm till 8.00 pm at the hut on Wandsworth Common next to the Sky Lark cafe.


And all are welcome! You can come for a wander and a gander at all the work on display..there’s lots.


Or you can even get stuck in and do some drawing like Bella, Charlie and Lily did at our first open evening last week..


(If the ganets let you, there might even be the odd cheesy puff..)


So if you’re in the area and you’ve been meaning to brush up your artistic skills, but keep putting it off…



Come on down..you can even join our weekly class on a Monday from 9.30 am to 11.00 or 11.00 to 12.30..or if the inclination takes you, do the double. ┬áIt’s seriously one of life’s great joys.


Amanda, our tutor and mentor is amazing and believes anyone can draw.


And despite taking on arts waifs and strays, the quality of the work she inspires is exceptional.


So come in for a browse..or some fancy pencil work..the choice is yours!

Laters, Kate x