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Gold Rush x


We saw Cinderella last week..


There’s an undeniable whiff of cheese..but Cate Blanchett’s costumes were honest-to-God-totes-amaze..


vibrant colours…wicked jewellery

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All thought up by three time Oscar winning costume designer Sandy Powell..


A south of the River London lass who still lives in Brixton.

Who says fairytales can’t come true?

Laters, Kate x

Once Upon a Christmas…

image-1 image(Cameras are banned so Pictures secretly smuggled from Time Out)

It was a tough call and no easy task..but rest assured, we rose to the challenge..and YES, Christmas is saved for another year!  Whooooo hooooooooooo! You can thank us personally later..

What do you mean you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about?

You know nothing about Cinderella’s troubles in Pantoland??

What can I say? Except The Husband and I spent last night roaming all areas of Covent Garden (and I mean all areas: Sprinkler cupboards, shops, the bowels..) trying to make sure you’d all have a damn good knees up these coming festivities…It’s not often I get to run through a crowded pub and drink honey tea with a Grayson Perry look-a-like holding my hand, but for you..I did.

This was highly secret work..I can’t say much more…all I can tell you is it started by knocking on a very specific Georgian black door somewhere in Covent Garden..and then the adventure begins…

(Tickets from here)

Probably one of the most bizarre nights of my life..It was a bit like falling down a rabbit hole and arriving in a real Harry Potter world with the unexpected round every corner..(and half the fun was watching tourists eyes popping out as you had conversations with yet another whacky character)…But it was absolutely bloody brilliant and a genuine 24 carrot Christmas treat!

Laters, Kate x