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Summer Lovin’ x


The weather in the UK has yet to settle down.  The majority of the hurrying figures I saw this morning on my way to school were wearing thick tights and scarfs, held tight against the wind.  Give it two hours, the sun could be shining and all those layers will peel off in the time it takes for a corn kernel to pop in a hot pan.  It’s confusing and disappointing and makes me dream of consistent kingfisher blue skies, warm, heavy air and the compelling rasp of cicadas.


If I won the lottery tomorrow, I’d head straight to Christophe Sauvat and fill my battered leather backpack with all his summer wonders…summer dresses to float in..


Summer tops to laugh in (a glass of rose in one hand, a good book in another…)

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And shoes to die for.


We’d pile into the car, fill the petrol tank to brimming and head for the coast…


And keep driving to the sun..through France, stopping wherever to indulge in gastronomic delights to tantalise the tastebuds..or just to admire the view.

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Then on to Italy, to visit friends and wrap them up with us in our hedonistic cloud..nostalgic for the past..loving the present.

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Before heading to Greece, to pitch a tent and live a completely free few months, brown, barefoot and under the stars, knowing that the best things in life are the simplest.

A girl can dream…

Laters, Kate

End of the Week.. x


It’s been a pretty mad, bad week from the lows of a long dentist appointment (oh the joys of a periodontal clean due to impacted wisdom teeth..6 injections later..) various meetings and visits to the vet with a very stressed dog..to a fabulous Book Club night (the above is my reminder for the next one..)



And a wonderful day out at the Spirit of Summer with lovely mate Galliana.  I will confess: we did initially think we’d got the wrong venue..and date..


My Wardrobe.com had a stand and I succumbed to this little number from new label Christophe Sauvat..it was the boho vibe and the pop of neon that sold it..(and the fact is was the last one left..)


Christophe Sauvat is one of those fascinating characters..He started in the 80’s designing clocks and watches..


 Then moved to Brazil where he made and exported thread bracelets, selling over 8 million.



 Before co-founding Antik Batik in Paris.


Now he’s in Portugal where he’s started his own label  based on his love for the gypsy-style woman who still feels at home whether in London, Morocco or New York.



It has my heart.



The day/week ended with a Mum’s Night Out to ‘Supper in a Pear Tree’..a pop-up restaurant with a difference…Run by two sisters, Annabel and Charlotte Partridge the evening starts with a glass of wine and a Drawing Class around a nude model with supervision from Charlotte.  We had NO idea it was going to be a rather fetching male model..there was much tittering and flexing of charcoal from behind our easels…


The evening finished with a three course supper cooked by Annabel..including foraged herbs and homemade sloe gin…

An event to remember…

Laters, Kate x