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La vie en rose x

IMG_2473Proud mummy/cousin moment: My lovely daughter, Bella modelling t-shirts designed by my beautiful-inside-and-out cousin Nathalie.  I’ll write a longer post when Naths has her full e-commerce site up and running but until then check out her Facebook page because Naths is one of the amazing people of this world –  I think all the products (not just t-shirts) she designs and sells are super cool..and this is doubled when you know her story, and the story behind the story.


Nathalie lost her sister, Sam and Sam’s baby daughter, Ruby Rose in the horror of the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami.  As a way of grieving and celebrating her sister’s vibrant life, she started creating and commissioning art works based on the phrase ‘Sam says enjoy life’ to capture and treasure Sam’s spirit. These were then sold on behalf of the charity set up in their names.


Not only does this send a powerful message of joy over adversity, but many of Nathalie’s products are made by women’s charities, one of which is based in Barcelona and helps women recently released from prison by teaching them seamstress skills whilst earning a fair wage.


Love can be so many things.


So if the day is a downer, the suppers in the dog..or the dogs in the supper, just know that worse things can happen and take a step back..and enjoy life..because a certain person says so…


And believe me, she knows.

Laters, Kate x