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Brush strokes..


Start praying the suns going to shine tomorrow as we’re celebrating a lovely, joyous, wonderful wedding – happy, happy happy!  In preparation of being a good guest and loving some of the styles around at the mo, I’ve booked a session to have my hair poofed at the Braid Bar in Selfridges.


There’s a list of style to choose from (I’m hoping there’s a degree of flexibility…personally I’m less high pressured horsewhip slash warrior woman, more loose artisan meets Heidi’s Grandma-ish type of I’m a wee bit nervous..)


I’d like this.


(Maybe the answer is to go very simple..even hair down..)

There are options of accessories and bits you can have woven in.  But they have no appeal – I like those easy styles that look like a fairy with large but nimble fingers has been at work..


The best thing is it’s only £15 and 30 minutes, so if it goes tits up..or it’s a fairy with little’s coming out.

I’m ready to rumble…

Laters, Kate x

Olivia Palermo, Really? x


(Photo by Johannes Huebl/instagram)

So the lovely Olivia Palermo is to become a Missus?…One can only wonder what the wedding will be like…I’ve rather fallen for these pictures from Vogue Tumblr of Caitlin Brown’s and Lee Schwartz’s bohemian wedding taken by Cass Bird…I think they’ll be a shared sense of DNA…but who knows!


caitlin-brown-wedding-1_165946419551 caitlin-brown-wedding-2_165951352433 caitlin-brown-wedding-7_165955903948

(Bridesmaid accessory to die for!)

caitlin-brown-wedding-10_165947118576 caitlin-brown-wedding-13_165949194763 caitlin-brown-wedding-14_165950126941caitlin-brown-wedding-8_165956688717

In our dark days of gales, rain, wind and storms it makes me long for the sun..

Laters, quietly dreaming, Kate x