Still based in London and a true city chick, Kate Bentley was born within the sound of Bow Bells and has thrived on the smell of pollution ever since.

IMG_1760It took her a while to find her passion in life, but Blogging is it.


After taking a rather circus route via Professional Violinist and co-owner of  a fashion label, she’s got there in the end and is very happy to delight in the feast of wonder that the design world –  vintage and modern, British and International – has to offer. IMG_2486IMG_2743Kate can also turn her hand to mixed media art works and doesn’t take a bad photo..in fact, with an additional love of writing she thinks she may just’ve stumbled on the single job in the whole world that finally pulls all her talents together.  Just a shame that her rather fine flying staccato is no longer required.

IMG_3190-1 IMG_2680

A mother of two gorgeous children she’s a bit bemused as to why, now that she’s no longer a musician and finally has money to spend, everything is advertised to her via the medium of youth?  Much as she loves the young, she refuses to believe that true style has a sellby date.  She sincerely believes that women come in all shapes and sizes and that many of her older icons are some of the most stylish women she knows – so why does the commercial world ignore them?


As the soap box is now well and truly out – she also believes in sustainable fashion, bringing manufacturing back to the UK and buying less but buying better. IMG_1812

But Kate loves her designer labels and appreciates the artistic workmanship and talent that are the lifeblood of every brand.IMG_2575She has a dream of a beautiful capsule wardrobe filled with the most exquisite bits of crafted design made by true artisans that she could lovingly hand onto the next generation, re-telling a story for each piece.

IMG_1852 IMG_2869 IMG_2674 IMG_2684 IMG_2683

Only time will tell if her dream can come true.


  1. redstuffdan

    Bonjour Madame Bentley

    What a great collection of photographs, paintings and other artwork – if there was a like everything button it would be a lot easier. Love the London Eye photo and those of the kids – vibrant, colourful, technically brilliant and obviously taken with love.

    Hope you perservere with trying Mirror/reflected/repeated images – obviously a grand passion of mine but l would just love to see what others can do with this medium – perhaps we called start a “Movement”!



    P.S. Got to get back to your blog, still an awful lot to see and enjoy.

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Thank you Dan with a big smile! I’m not sure about the technical bit, I have a horrible feeling I’m breaking every rule in the book..but I do enjoy taking them..including the reflection ones..caught a puddle the other day! xxx

  2. VividWinter

    I’m not sure if you’ve already done a post but I just wondered what type of camera you used?

    Also, it’s a long shot but was the photo of the chalk Big Ben taken outside of the V&A?

    You have a new follower x

  3. femmewithflair

    Thanks for visiting and liking my blog post! As a new blogger, I appreciate the support 🙂 you have a great blog here!

  4. sincerelykymberly

    Hi Maison Bentley Style! Thank you for liking my recent blog post :). You have a wonderful blog here and a great About Me section– the photos are beautiful and I can tell you absolutely love art, fashion, family and London. Best!

    sincerely, kymberly

  5. snaphappybunny

    Hello Maison Bentley Style! Thank you for taking some time to view and like my first blog, greatly appreciated by this rookie^^ hope to share in your passions and creativity through your posts in the future (^_*)

  6. girlwithadragonflytattoo

    I totally agree with how disappointing it is that commercials and sometimes fashion world seems to only focus on youth as being “it.” It’s not!!! And younger women desperately need mature women to look up to, both in character and in style and beauty. Aging is so beautiful to me… I wish the culture was more embracing of it. Love your blog!

  7. Edwina@WINONA INC.

    Wow. We share so much of the same stuff. Especially the desire to pool all of our passions together into one GREAT one. Blogging. Thank you for peeking at WINONA, INC. and introducing yourself. I’ll be watching you.

  8. Maggie Beck

    Thanks so much for your like today on Tide Line Still Life. Your site is wonderfully engaging and full of written and photographic delight. I am so pleased that you have led me here! Best, Maggie

  9. thequeenofcurves

    LOVE this blog so great so expressive….thank you for sharing this it’s amazing . All the best big love susta X ❤

  10. spiritsatnight

    I was quite inspired by the parts I read about you finding your way through different professions and knowing that blogging is it, (I am sorry, due to time and brain confusion restriction I could not read all of the words!) together with the photographies presented that portrayed strong sense of passion. I felt empowered after reading your blog. Thank you for sharing 🙂
    (I am sorry, I am bad at writing lately!)

  11. f3nea45

    I am liking what you have to say. About the lipstick cases, I have a few vintage ones. I will have to get them out. You used to be able to buy refills for them; I don’t know if that is still possible

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