Angle Poise x

The plans for the office pod are rumbling on, but there’s also talk of making use of the builder when they’re here and turning the other far corner of the garden for a pergola-slash-gazebo.  The thinking goes that in small London gardens we veer away from structures in the garden for fear they make a small garden look smaller, but the problem is in leaving a garden horizontal we rarely venture into it, preferring to gaze into from afar.  So the aim is to build a private, roofed area that will still be useable in summer London drizzle to while away precious hours, whilst still keeping a sense of space and lightness of touch.

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So not much to choose from then…

Laters, Kate x


  1. abbiosbiston

    We had a little sheltered deck in one flat we lived in in London and it was such a lovely addition to the house. It gave us so much more use of the outside space than a fully open garden would have… it was also great for drying laundry.

    • Maison Bentley Style

      There’s a definite effort versus enjoyment ratio with gardens. And with young children there’s the is the garden big enough – in London it never is, but I’ve learnt kids manage, and anything is far better than nothing and sometimes it’s even easier.. xxx