Spoonflower x


One of the truly great things about living in the IT revolution is how it has brought down the cost of printing, whether it be on paper or fabric.

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There are now companies out there that for a small sum are ready to take your designs and turn them into usable art – we’re talking fabric, wallpaper and wrapping paper..and you don’t even need a large print run…one roll or 1 metre will do it. What’s more, if it’s good, you can earn money from other people buying your design…win, win.

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It’s something I’m keen to explore and play with.  I’ve found this website that gives a clear, basic tutorial. about pattern repeating.

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And Spoonflower seem to be the biggest/best website for printing…and they also have lots of ‘how to’ videos.

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Now to pin down the design…

Laters, Kate x