Le Weekend..


The plan was to get out of the urban bubble and see the sea..so we leapt on a train and headed for a grey, blustery Brighton.


Charlie and his gloves: Is this style, laziness..or a deep understanding of recycling??


Not that the kids cared about the weather..the sea is the sea after all..


It was bracing enough to freeze cheeks and brighten eyes.

IMG_8054 IMG_8055 IMG_8061 IMG_8077 IMG_0776

Then the boys went to see Arsenal play..Charlie’s first proper match..seventh heaven for him.


So the girls got out the power tools…and played..


The table is our reproduction mahogany dining table that has got damaged over the years.  Rather than replace it, I wanted to know if we could sand off the varnish and paint the pedestal leg to transform it into a classic but more rustic/practical piece of furniture.  Can mahogany be more like a farmhouse table, happy to take dings and knocks? Not be so ‘precious’ and permanently hidden under a tablecloth? The only way to know was to experiment…


I had my helper with me for a while..but then she got bored and went to clean out her hamsters.


Oh joy! Lesson for mummy: Never assume you’re child’s intelligence.  Lesson for Bella…we all have to make mistakes..but please don’t repeat this one again!


(Particularly when due to the building works, this sink represents our kitchen sink. Arggghhhh!)


By the end we looked like 2 orange oompa lumpa’s, but thankfully the table looked fab – I already prefer it…though I have no idea what to do as the next stage….oil? Wax? I know I don’t want the shiny red again..I want to knock back the red if at all possible, but not entirely sure what to do?….any suggestions very gratefully received…

Laters, Kate x


  1. Fi

    Ha ha I love the hamster clear out! Well done Bella for doing it herself and using her initiative! Lol! X

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Thank you so much – this looks just what I was needing! My Aunt was also telling me about using natural oils..I’m going ot have to experiment, knowing that if it all goes wrong, I can take it back to square one again! xxx